Have You Missed Me?? New Topics Upcoming…

Well folks, about a month ago I said I’d do social philosophy stuff on the blog and really get into the heart of many social issues inherent to our culture and time.  I haven’t forgotten, but damn if it hasn’t been a really busy month since I made that proclamation.  I know, I know, writers write – no excuses, but I just hope you all haven’t forgotten about your favorite resident philosopher…you know, the one who says what you’re scared to, thinks what you don’t want to, and has been known to make a brain or two hurt from time to time.

Upcoming topics to be discussed – interracial dating, the social life of young adults, the myth of no good black men, and the analogy/theory that has been developed for years…my explanation of the current setup of dating and how and why it exists. If you have any theories you want to share with me to enlighten me, please email me at mrphilosopher3@gmail.com and I’m happy to see your opinions and arguments on any of those subjects.  Who knows, it may just get quoted as fodder for me to analyze to death right here on the blog.

Stay tuned, and spread the word…Mr. Philosopher will be returning soon.