Santa And The Holiday Spirit

I still believe in Santa Claus.  Not in the way that I did when I wa a kid, where there was some guy sneaking into my place when I was asleep and possibly leaving me a gift if I’d been a good boy all year, but more in the spirit of what takes place.  Santa is my personal representation of the holiday spirit.

I'd be mad too, taking all these gifts to kids who probably don't deserve 'em.

Do we deserve gifts for Christmas?  No, it’s not our birthday.  Even for Christians, you’re celebrating Jesus’ birth; why do you get a present?  Nazareth should be covered in presents.  But, and I imagine this is due to the mixing in of the pagan rituals and all other history I didn’t feel like Wikipediaing, we give folks we care about presents.  We take time to try to find them something they’ll like, appreciate, need (even though they don’t want to admit it), or perhaps want.  We take this time for some unknown reason as we get older.  Now, up until a certain age, you have a certain vision of Christmas – it’s your free day.  You get whatever you want as long as it’s within logical standards.  I know growing up, I tried not to ask for too much – I played with action figures for a long time, letting my imagination run wild, so I hope my presents weren’t too expensive.  Then came the video games, but even as a kid I knew that those things were expensive and that if I didn’t get it, nobody dropped the ball – Santa just couldn’t get it done this year.  And that’s ok.

But some jolly, morbidly obese man with magical reindeer manages to traverse the world in one night, delivering presents everywhere is more for a child’s imagination than an adult’s.  But as a teenager and an adult, the shift in how one views Santa happens.  My shift was to take the whole “secret gift giving” and embody that spirit.  As I type this, I’ve got my family’s gifts in front of me (and I’ll be doing my wrapping shortly), and I love that I’m going to get to play Santa – the guy knows what you want/need/could use, and gives it to you with a catch – you don’t know what’s inside of that box.  And maybe I enjoyed the surprise so much as a kid that I wanted to maintain that as an adult.  But I love being able to give the surprise like I did last year for my Mom by giving her photos of our family unit that she didn’t have (she’s a photo nut and doesn’t have many of us, particularly me after age 15 or so) and see her face light up because she never saw it coming.  The art of the (good) surprise is part of the holiday spirit, to me.

You know what else is?  The willing gift-giving.  At some point, it becomes just a thing you do, but until I reach that point, I really enjoy trying to find something that my folks will enjoy and be able to use or like having.  There’s no pressure, there’s no heat, it’s just something I want to do because this is the cultural gift-giving day, and Santa epitomizes that gift-giving mentality.  He has no profit, no business, no real reason to travel the globe, passing out presents.  I’d surmise he’s some sort of an old man with a serious problem of some sort (elves are slaves as far as I can tell), but he gains nothing from the gift-giving.  It’s a philanthropic endeavor, and that philanthropy is part of the holiday spirit, to me.

Look, I could give a lecture as to the problems with Christmas, with the created Santa Claus character, and everything in between.  I recognize all of that – BUT I also recognize that I do enjoy getting into the holiday spirit, surprising my family with gifts and happily doing it.  Those aspects of Santa always stuck out to me.  And you know what?  They helped to mold my interpretation of the “holiday spirit.”  If you don’t like it, you can deal with it because it sounds like a personal problem.  Either way, if you’re around family, spend time with them and cherish it.  If you’re not – call up somebody and fellowship with them.  But enjoy your holidays, folks.

Pregnant Music

I stayed up all night Wednesday night, not sleeping until maybe 10 or 11pm Thursday.  During the wee hours of Thursday morning, I heard “Baby By Me” by 50 Cent come on my shuffle, which prompted me to rant on Twitter.  Difficult to do with 140 characters but I pulled it off.  Rather than give you all some essay or something, just be treated to my own brand of ignorant intelligence, Twitter-style.  Enjoy.  (Anything in bold is possibly philosophically pertinent.)

And I went on YouTube to find the original version, not the one with all the Ne-Yo, because the hook is a lot less suave, but here’s the remix so you get an idea of what’s going on (if the song title doesn’t tell you):

Twitter Rant!!!

You know, I think I can take advantage of the mornin and give a little sermon on how wild music has gotten after postin bout Three 6 Mob.

A song I cant get out of my head is Baby By Me by 50. Real good beat, catchy hook, its just a nice lil hit. But really though, baby by me?

Not sure why niggas are so intent on makin babies without any regard for the mother or the child, its a commoditization of the family unit.

Sure, you may blame my Marxist leanings but for real – who makes a song bout LITERALLY MAKIN BABIES for no reason other than givin the…

woman millions in child support? Whole damn song bout beatin it out the frame raw. Nothin bout “I love you” or “You the 1” just raw doggin.

Now R. Kelly got a song bout gettin girls preggo (LINK HERE) like thats the move. Niggas musta forgot – preggos get big bellies. Not cute for real.

I mean my baby momma/wife/whatever gon be cute to me when she preggo, but not nobody elses for real. Veins pulsatin, heavy breathin…

But back to the music, these niggas just settin a horrible example. Some young dumb fool gon think “i can get em pregnant too!” no nigga.

Gettin girls pregnant aint the move. Accidents happen but 50/Kels aint talkin bout accidents. They talkin bout raw doggin on purpose.

Wonder why we had a World AIDS day? Songs like this. I swear the next hit gon be a DJ Khaled hit w/ Wayne, Drake, Soulja Boy and Snoop…

and itll be called “No Mo Child Suppo” w/ Kanye, T-Pain and Nate Dogg on the hook.

You heard it here – DJ Khaled, Wayne, Drake, Snoop, Soulja Boy, Kanye, T-Pain, Nate Dogg – “No Mo Child Suppo” in late 2010. Wait for it.

Dumb niggas gon stop payin child support, sayin they doin civil disobedience. Nigga please; pay the $75 and shut the fuck up.

Sorry about the extra vulgarity (that’s actually an empty apology for the record), but thoughts would be appreciated?  Is music getting out of hand between “Baby By Me” and R. Kelly’s “I Wanna Get You Pregnant?”

Clearly I’m having trouble with the whole making people pregnant stuff, as that goes beyond the whole “One Night Stand” business, and now into creating a new human being for no reason, especially the R. Kelly song.  Just a damn shame.