Graduation Revisited

This blog started in April of 2009, so this has gone for two years now.  Progress has been slow as molasses as of late due to a long final semester.  One of my earlier posts was about my graduation from Morehouse and what that event signified.  Two years later, I’ve graduated again and this one comes with a different significance.  With Morehouse, it was time to go.  With this degree, I’ve been ready to go.  It’s hard to explain just how happy I currently am to be finished and to have an open future.  For the record, I was offered to continue into the PhD program in philosophy and I chose to defer that offer for a year.  Why would I do that, you might ask.

Because I was ready to get the hell out of there.

There are plenty of reasons why, but ultimately I saw too much dumb shit and for the first time, I stopped caring in general with my education.  I could care less about the profession and plenty of the bullshit hurdles that come with what is what I feared – the same people talking to each other about the same things.  I enjoy the discipline of philosophy for both its theoretical exercises and its practical effects.  The higher you go, it appears there’s a greater emphasis on the former, and while I appreciate its value in some regards, if it doesn’t “do” anything, it’s just a theoretical exercise.

Graduation meant a close of a lifelong chapter.  My yearly schedule has always been based off of the school calendar, and when August rolls around, I’m usually in back to school mode.  This will be the first year that doesn’t happen (barring me teaching), and that’s a good thing.  It’s time for a change.  Quite frankly, it’s a change I’ve earned.  In a year, if I want to come back and finish then I can.  If I don’t want to finish, I can keep doing whatever I’m doing or go do something else.  There’s a freedom that I can’t recall experiencing right now that is gratifying.

Also amazing, as I think about it, is that my progress from just having gotten my B.A. to now having gotten my M.A. can be tracked on this very blog.  The changes in my writing, my tone, my focus, even my approach are evident to me, and that’s a nice unintended consequence of this blog.

Finally, like I said above, progress here has been slow.  Not any more.  Did you think I didn’t have anything to say about Osama’s death, my recent experiences watching Fox News, IGNANT Fridays, and the long awaited return of the Chronicles of the Black Pack?  Or how about what Mardi Gras and Wrestlemania have in common?  I’m even going to post about my theories on teaching and what makes a good teacher just that, a good one.  More shorter posts, more fun again, and hopefully more comments are in the future.

– Master Philosopher