When Life Goes A-Blaze

Blaze asleep

Discipline is a funny thing. It comes when we most need it, but when we want it…well, that’s where the comedy lies. This blog has been all but dead for months when it comes to new material during a period when I had the most time to write. And boy, was there was much to write about. George Zimmerman‘s trial happened while I was in Chicago and the verdict came in as I watched the Cardinals lose to the Cubs at Sluggers, a nearby bar to Wrigley Field. Riley Cooper got caught on video and 2 weeks later it’s released that he’d called someone a nigger at a concert with mostly white people around. After his 4 day breather during training camp (while everybody else continues to take a physical beating), he returned to his starting job at wide receiver when people have been fired for saying or doing similar things. Robin Thicke had naked women in his Blurred Lines video and got shocked by the uproar when the defense was that a woman directed the video so it can’t be objectifying. Syria allegedly used chemical weapons and we’re about to go into World War III. Dr. Sanjay Gupta said weed isn’t necessarily bad (and that he tried it), prompting another national conversation about getting blazed. But I never seemed to muster up the discipline to write. Continue reading