Who’s Mr. Philosopher?

This place came about because of an ordinary guy making observations, telling stories, and putting a different spin on life and the issues that come about it.  Sometimes it’s more fun to tell it how it should be than to just tell it how it is, but sometimes it’s better to explain how it is so that you can tell it how it should be.  I like to do both and about whatever you might think about, not just philosophical things.  Besides, anything philosophical I’ll break down to the best of my ability and explain it in my own way.

MA in Philosophy, Morehouse Man, soon to be Dr. Philosopher.  St. Louis born and raised.  Memphis is where I lay my head.  I curse because it’s second nature and speak my mind because it’s my first.  Put it all together and you’ll get the thoughts, rants, essays, and stories of Mr. Philosopher: The Ignant Intellectual.

You have ideas of things you want me to bring up here? Contact me (mrphilosopher3@gmail.com), or follow me on Twitter @mrphilosopher3.

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